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Custom Cruises from Tartu

This season river trips in Tartu can be arranged aboard two Seto Line OÜ ships: M/l Alfa (for up to 86 passengers) and M/l Hilara (for up to 35 people). Our cruises are scheduled to start in May.

Companies can arrange seminars, training sessions, meetings and team outings on river Emajõgi. Longer cruises take you to Piirissaar, Salosaar or Värska. Accommodation providers on the shores of lake Peipsi and lake Lämmijärv are also among Seto Lines possible destinations.

The duration and exact route of our custom cruises can be arranged according to your individual needs. Do u wish to celebrate your birthday? Organizing a memorable hen party or stag night? Looking for a place to hold a class reunion? Maybe your graduation needs a grand finale or you just want to spend some quality time with your friends? Seto Lines custom cruises are meant for exactly those occasions!

Tour guides and catering can also be organized.

All prices include VAT.

Alfa Hilara
1 hour 250 EUR 150 EUR
2 hours 450 EUR 270 EUR
3 hours 600 EUR 400 EUR
Alfa Hilara
Duration Price Duration Price
Tartu-Piirissaare-Tartu 4,5h + 4,5h 1800 EUR 5h + 5h 1000 EUR
Tartu-Piirissaare-Värska 4,5h + 4h 1800 EUR 5h + 4,5h 1000 EUR
Tartu-Piirissaare-Jaaniussi 6,5h 1200 EUR 7h 700 EUR
Tartu-Piirissaare-Jaaniussi/II Värska 6,5h + 4h 1800 EUR 7h + 4,5h 1200 EUR
Tartu-Piirissaare-Jaaniussi/II Tartu 6,5h + 5h 1800 EUR 7h + 5,5h 1200 EUR
Tartu-Jaaniussi 5h 1200 EUR 5,5h 700 EUR
Tartu-Värska 9h 1800 EUR 9,5h 1000 EUR
Tartu-Salosaar-Tartu 6h 1600 EUR 6,5h 900 EUR

Feel free to contact us for bookings and also in case of any questions: or 524 7153.