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Custom Cruises with Speedboat

Speedboat is a comfortable way to spend some quality time for up to 12 people. Although the boat is capable of making the trip from Tartu to Värska in about 2 hours, it can always be slowed down if you wish to enjoy the sunny journey longer.

All prices include VAT.

1 hour 300 EUR
2 hours 500 EUR
3 hours 650 EUR
Duration Price
Tartu-Piirissaare-Tartu 2h + 2h 600 EUR
Tartu-Piirissaare-Värska 2h + 2h 600 EUR
Tartu-Piirissaare-Jaaniussi 2h + 0,5h 1500 EUR
Tartu-Piirissaare-Jaaniussi/II Tartu 2h + 1,5h 1500 EUR
Jaaniussi-Piirissaare-Jaaniussi 0,5h 500 EUR
Tartu-Jaaniussi 1,5h 1500 EUR
Tartu-Värska 1,5h 600 EUR
Tartu-Salosaar-Tartu 1,5h 600 EUR
Tartu-Piirissaare-Mäe 2,5h 600 EUR

Feel free to contact us for bookings and also in case of any questions: or 524 7153.